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Welcome to the Bandits Youth Lacrosse website.  We are an organization that believes youth sports should focus on developing young players to be the best that he or she can be.  We focus on developing a player's skill, sportsmanship, teamwork and love of the game.  We, the coaches, will never berate an athlete or another coach or referee.  We expect the same kind of attitude and behavior from our players.  We play hard but we play clean and with respect for those around us.  We hope your young athlete will consider joining us.  We promise to teach your child what he/she needs to know in order to play this game competitively.  We also promise to provide an environment which is positive and encouraging to help your child play the best that he/she is capable of playing.

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Volunteers and teams at home today
Good morning Bandits The boy’s purple teams are at home...
Volunteers needed for 5/20
Bandit Parents I need two different groups of volunteers for Sunday...
Auburn Aviators clinic Monday 5/14
Bandits On Monday players from the Auburn Aviators will be putting...
Volunteers, concession stand, T Shirts
Bandit parents Sunday 4/22 we will have all 5 of our boy’s...
Athlete's wanted! We need your help recruiting!
Parents, we NEED your help actively recruiting players, especially...
Registration opens 10/20 for returning players!!!
Q: When is lacrosse season? A: We start practice in March when...
Volunteers and teams at home today

Good morning Bandits

The boy’s purple teams are at home today, and home today is Lemansky field rather than the Auburn High School.

We HAD planned to paint lines in the field today and also set up a concession stand.  To those parents who volunteered, thank you, but we are all set now.

Based on the weather forecast we knew the grass would not be able to be painted today, so Coach Josh and I painted the field after practice on Thursday.

With rain and thunderstorms in the forecast today I have also decided NOT to set up the concession stand, don't want to set up everything and get everything get soaked including parents.


Other upcoming events.

Spree Day is scheduled for 6/7, details to follow, but PLEASE plan to be there, bring friends and have fun!

All the boy’s teams will have their Jamborees the weekend of the June 9th and June 10th.  The 1-4 grade boys will NOT go to the MBYLL Jamboree, we have found other ones a week earlier than their planned dates.

The girl’s teams do not have enough girls to be able to play 3 games on one June day, so we did not submit any teams.


by posted 05/20/2018
Volunteers needed for 5/20

Bandit Parents

I need two different groups of volunteers for Sunday 5/20. 

We HAVE to play our home games at Lemansky field rather than the high school.  The field has soccer lines, but we need to add creases and restraining boxes to that field.

I am looking for 3-4 volunteers to meet me these at 9:30 to be able to paint those lines.  There is no other goods time during the week to make that happen with my youth and HS coaching schedule and soccer’s field use.


We also want to set up the concession stand again on 5/20.  We have plenty of items left to sell.  We just need volunteers who are willing to help set up at 10:30 and work shift prior to or during their son’s games between 11 and 4PM.


Coach Crowley

by posted 05/15/2018
Auburn Aviators clinic Monday 5/14


On Monday players from the Auburn Aviators will be putting on a clinic at Lemansky field for us.

The Aviators are a new Semi Pro Men’s box lacrosse team that will play their home games at Horan Rink starting in June.

A few local members will be at the field from 6-7:30 Monday 5/14 to host a clinic to teach kids pieces of the box lacrosse game.

We are opening this to any 5-8th grade players that want to participate.  Players from 1-4th grade are welcome to come watch and meet some of the players.


If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.  This is free to any players in the MBYLL, so if you have friends playing for other towns please feel free to invite them.




by posted 05/12/2018
Volunteers, concession stand, T Shirts

Bandit parents

Sunday 4/22 we will have all 5 of our boy’s teams at home.  We only have 3 dates with more than 3 teams at home this year.  We like to take advantage of that and have a concession stand set up.

Over the past few seasons parents have donated a case of water, Gatorade, candy, chips, and small items we can see for 1-2 dollars each.

If you are willing to donate please drop it off at your next practice (week of 4/16-4/20), I will come and get them from the storage units at the fields after my practices.  Do not donate more than one item, we won’t sell THAT much, and we run out of places to store it all.

We ALSO need parents from all 5 of our boy’s teams to volunteer to work the concession stand.  Most coaches ask you to show up 30-45 minutes before your game anyway.  We have you show up 1 hour prior to the game and work the stand before your players game, so you can watch your sons game and leave right after.

We need two volunteers for each hour from 11:30-3:30. Please email me at letting me know what shift you can take.  In the past I have covered several hours before the games I coach, but I will be out of the area until at least 2:30 that Sunday.  So, I REALLY need your help.

T Shirts: I have placed an order of T-shirts to have just in time to sell for the game on 4/22.  They are limited edition, in that I only order 100 this year.  We will sell them for $15 at the game. I will post an image when I get it from the vendor.  It will be a purple shirt, white lettering and lacrosse sticks.  Will say Bandits lacrosse with crossed sticks between the two lines of text.

We will offer these on line for the folks who are on the road that week, but we find the grandparents get guilted into buying them at the field if the kids see them.  You’re off the hook, and Grammie and Grampie are happy to buy them for the kids!

Many of you know by now, but after 8 years with the Bandits and 7 years on the board I plan to step away after the season to focus on other lacrosse related interests.  If you want to “thank me” volunteer one hour of your time on 4/22.  That is all the thanks I ask/deserve.

If you can not make 4/22 we will be doing this again on 6/3 and possibly 5/20.  We are also looking for volunteers to help with our year end event Spree Day, which is tentatively scheduled 6/1.  Last years event was the biggest and best one yet, with the most prizes.  You think I am not going to one up myself on the way out the door? Then you don’t know me that well!



Brian Crowley

by posted 04/13/2018
Athlete's wanted! We need your help recruiting!

Girls wanted!

Parents, we NEED your help actively recruiting players, especially on the girl’s side of the program.  We opened registration on 10/20.


Please use your contacts to spread the word to field hockey players, basketball players, soccer players, football players, or hockey players. Lacrosse is one of the few sports that can actually help players in ALL these sports become better players/athletes!

Where we are today:

Boys 7 and 8 grade: one team, can accepts a few more players, or need 16 more for a second team

Boys 5 and 6 grade: 90% of one team, 6 open spots, or need 18 more for a second team

Boys 3 and 4 grade: one team can accept a few more players or need 12 more for a second team

Boys 1 and 2 grade: 8 players, need 3 more at least, will take up to 12 more


Girls 7 and 8 grade: 11 players, we have 5 players from last year not yet signed up

Girls 5 and 6 grade: 10 players, we have 3 players from last year not yet signed up

Girls 3 and 4 grade: 6 players, we have 4 players from last year not yet signed up

Girls 1 and 2 grade: 3 player, this age group tends to come late

As you can see, we SHOULD be able to field a team at each age group on the girls side, but we need to submit how many teams we can field before the end of the year.  Please sign up today and help us recruit MORE players.  You can sign up now, and schedule your payment over 3 months.


by posted 11/09/2017
Registration opens 10/20 for returning players!!!

Q: When is lacrosse season?

A: We start practice in March when the fields are released; games are played on Sundays from April through Mid-June. (Same season as baseball and softball)


Q: When does registration open?

A: We open registration to in mid to late October


Q: I am having trouble with the registration (Girls)

A: In the registration process you are required to go to US Lacrosse and create and pay for a membership, and then it will bring you back to the Bandits web site.  There is often on issue doing so on IOS based devices (iPads, iPhones)


Q: Why can't I figure out how to complete my registration on the Bandits web site/ why is it asking for an MBYLL player registration number (Boys)

A: You need to go to the MBYLL web site and register your player.  You will create a profile for yourself, add your child, then register them for the spring 2018 season.  You pay $40 there and will be sent a code via email.  The $40 covers insurance for the year and the portion of the league fees the Bandits used to pay directly to the MBYLL.  The money will go back into the regions for trainings, coach education and other lacrosse based events. (US Lacrosse memebrship is no longer required for boys program)


Q: Why is the process to register my son and my daughter different?

A: The process within the Bandits web site is the same, but the parent leagues control where we get our insurance from.  US Lacrosse for girls and MBYLL for boys. (New in 2018)


Q: How often do you practice?

A: U11 and above practice two days a week and play on Sundays

A: U9s practice one day a week (last two years on Saturday mornings), they also play on Sunday.


Q: Are there tryouts?

A: The town based teams do NOT require tryouts, we welcome all players, new or returning, as long as there is space.

A: SOME years we have enough kids to add a "select team" for addtional games and practice, those teams will require a tryout.


Q: How much does it cost for the season?

A: Boys in 2018 the rate will go down as it no longer includes a uniform, it will be $180 for U11 and above, $165 for U9. That cost includes the $40 fee to MBYLL you pay directly on their website. http://mbyll.org/

A: Girls in 2018 the rate will go down as it no longer includes a uniform, it will be $170 for U11 and above, $155 for U9. That cost includes the $30 fee to US Lacrosse you pay directly on their website. 


Q: Where do the Bandits practice?

A: Over the past several seasons we have used Lemansky and Swanson Rd Intermediate School for practice and Auburn High School for games


Q: What equipment do I need?

A: Boys need a lacrosse helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves and a lacrosse stick. You can find starter packages for around $150-$200

A: Girls need goggles, mouthpiece and lacrosse stick (girls have different sticks than boys)


Q: What towns can play for the Bandits?

A: The Bandits represent both Auburn and Worcester, but we allow players from surrounding towns that do not have their own lacrosse program.


Q: What league do the Bandits play in?

A: The Bandits play in the MBYLL and MBGLL, “town lacrosse”, there are programs all over Massachusetts that are part of the MBYLL and MBGLL.


Q: Who runs and coaches the Bandits?

A: The Bandits are a nonprofit all volunteer organization.  We have volunteers that run the program as part of our Board.  The coaches are all parent volunteers like you.  Most have never played lacrosse.


Q: If your coaches didn’t grow up playing how do they learn to coach?

A: The MBYLL/MBGLL and US Lacrosse sponsor a coach training program, there are required on line training and in person trainings.  There are experienced coaches in the program always willing to help out or answer any questions you have.


Q: What do you pay coaches or do they get discounts on signing up their children?

A: We do not pay coaches and they still are required to pay for their children to play.  We do reimburse coaches for the expenses incurred for training classes and certification


Q: If is a spring sport why do we register in the fall?

A: We are required to submit how many teams at each age group we will have by 12/31 to the league.  We also place our uniform order by 11/1 to keep the uniform costs as low as possible


Q: What is the refund policy for the Bandits?

A: The Bandits can NOT refund any funds paid to US Lacrosse.  Prior to Feb 1 the Bandits will refund all money paid to the Bandits for registration only.  After Feb 1 the Bandits will refund 50% of the fees paid to the Bandits for registration.  Exception being if we have a player waiting to take the slot of the player leaving.  We incur 75% of the cost for the season prior to 2/1 which is why we can only offer the 50% refund.


by posted 09/30/2015
Calendar is loading...

Anyone who may be interested in a coaching position for the upcoming 2018 spring lacrosse season can submit an inquiry to lax@banditsyouthlacrosse.com.  All potential coaches or volunteers will need to be CORI cleared before being considered for a positions.