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Welcome to the Bandits Youth Lacrosse website.  We are an organization that believes youth sports should focus on developing young players to be the best that he or she can be.  We focus on developing a player's skill, sportsmanship, teamwork and love of the game.  We, the coaches, will never berate an athlete or another coach or referee.  We expect the same kind of attitude and behavior from our players.  We play hard but we play clean and with respect for those around us.  We hope your young athlete will consider joining us.  We promise to teach your child what he/she needs to know in order to play this game competitively.  We also promise to provide an environment which is positive and encouraging to help your child play the best that he/she is capable of playing.

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Pre Season practice and recruiting times announced for this week
We have scheduled three session for this week.  Details are...
No indoor practice this weekend 1/15
Thank you to all those of you who replied to my "roll call"...
Indoor Practice/recruiting
Please check back here or our Facebook page for pre season optional...
Indoor time/recruiting this week
For those not following us on FaceBook, we announced some up coming...
Registration opens 10/22 for returning players!!!
Q: When is lacrosse season? A: We start practice in March when...
Pre Season practice and recruiting times announced for this week

We have scheduled three session for this week.  Details are also on Facebook.  Please help us spread the word.

Sunday 1/22 at 2PM to 3:15 we will have preseason practice for girls in 1st through 6th grade. (this group REALLY NEEDS to recruit players in the next two weeks to be able to field teams) Coach Jody will coordinate for this group.

Sunday 1/22 at 3:30 PM to 5PM we will have preseason practice for boys in 1st through 6th grade. Coach Castellano will coordinate this group

Monday 1/23 at 7:00 PM to 8:45PM will will have preseason practice for 7th and 8th grade boys. Coach Crowley wil coordinate for this group

Bring all equipment, gym safe shoes to change into and a crisp $5 bill to help off set gym costs. (if you play ling stick, also bring your short stick)

If do not have equipment yet please email us at, we will see if we can at least get a stick there, and maybe gloves and helmet for the boys.

***New Players, if you don't have equipment yet, reach out to us, we MIGHT have stuff we can lend.

***Other parents, if you have helmets, gloves and sticks your kids have outgrown you would like to donate for usage please also let us know. 

***Getting new equipment can be a big investment, adn we never want money to be the barrier to introducing new players.


by posted 01/17/2017
No indoor practice this weekend 1/15

Thank you to all those of you who replied to my "roll call" to determine if we had enough kids at different age groups to practice.

Also, for you the parents who asked about players who don't yet have equipment.  Yes come to the clinics, drop us an email at and we will do what we can to at least have a stick and gloves for your player to use.

Sunday January 15th and Monday January 16th we will NOT have any indoor practices.  Check back here next week to see the times and age groups we will host on January 22nd and possibly on January 23rd.


Anyone looking to watch a little lacrosse this weekend see below

The U.S. men's and women's national teams will be in action this weekend with the Team USA Spring Premiere from IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla. Three games will be live-streamed free of charge on Here's the streaming schedule for the weekend (all times Eastern):

Saturday, January 14
3 p.m. - U.S. women vs. Florida

Sunday, January 15
10 am. - U.S. women vs. Notre Dame
1 p.m. - U.S. men vs. Notre Dame  





by posted 01/12/2017
Indoor Practice/recruiting

Please check back here or our Facebook page for pre season optional practice times.

We will be using Nativity School at 67 Lincoln Street in Worcester on possibly Sundays between 2-5 or Monday between 6-8

We will alternate between different age groups and between boys and girls.

by posted 01/10/2017
Indoor time/recruiting this week

For those not following us on FaceBook, we announced some up coming indoor sessions.

We will start this Sunday with girls 1st grade through 6th grade.  We REALLY need help recruiting at this age group, as of today we do not have enough players for a team at any of these age groups.  Bring friends and neighbors who may be interested in trying lacrosse.

The schedule for this week.

1st grade -6th grade girls 2:00-3:15 Sunday 1/8/17

7th and 8th grade girls 3:15-4:45 Sunday 1/8/17

7th and 8th grade boys 6:15-7:45 Monday 1/9/17


Practices/clinics are held at the Nativity School in the gym/basketball court, 67 Lincoln Street Worcester MA

We ask a few things, please bring sneakers to change into, please bring $5 per player to help off set the cost of the gym space, please help us spread the word to additional potential players, and if you have extra equipment please bring it for potential recruits to borrow.


**please check Facebook or our web site for future practice times.


by posted 01/04/2017
Registration opens 10/22 for returning players!!!

Q: When is lacrosse season?

A: We start practice in March when the fields are released; games are played on Sundays from April through Mid-June. (Same season as baseball and softball)


Q: When does registration open?

A: We open registration to returning players on 10/23, new players 11/7


Q: I am having trouble with the registration

A: In the registration process you are required to go to US Lacrosse and create and pay for a membership, and then it will bring you back to the Bandits web site.  There is often on issue doing so on IOS based devices (iPads, iPhones)


Q: How often do you practice?

A: U11 and above practice two days a week and play on Sundays

A: U9s practice one day a week (last two years on Saturday mornings), they also play on Sunday.


Q: How much does it cost for the season?

A: in 2017 the rate will go up , it will be $190 for U11 and above, $165 for U9. That cost includes uniforms.


Q: Where do the Bandits practice?

A: Over the past several seasons we have used Lemansky and the (old) Middle School for practice and games


Q: What equipment do I need?

A: Boys need a lacrosse helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves and a lacrosse stick. You can find starter packages for around $150-$200

A: Girls need goggles, mouthpiece and lacrosse stick (girls have different sticks than boys)


Q: What towns can play for the Bandits?

A: The Bandits represent both Worcester and Auburn, but we allow players from surrounding towns that do not have their own lacrosse program.


Q: What league do the Bandits play in?

A: The Bandits play in the MBYLL and MGYLL, “town lacrosse”, there are programs all over Massachusetts that are part of the MBYLL.


Q: Who runs and coaches the Bandits?

A: The bandits are a nonprofit all volunteer organization.  We have volunteers that run the program as part of our Board.  The coaches are all parent volunteers like you.  Most have never played lacrosse.


Q: If your coaches didn’t grow up playing how do they learn to coach?

A: The MBYLL/MGYLL and US Lacrosse sponsor a coach training program, there are required on line training and in person trainings.  There are experienced coaches in the program always willing to help out or answer any questions you have.


Q: What do you pay coaches or do they get discounts on signing up their children?

A: We do not pay coaches and they still are required to pay for their children to play.  We do reimburse coaches for the expenses incurred for training classes and certification


Q: If is a spring sport why do we register in the fall?

A: We are required to submit how many teams at each age group we will have by 12/31 to the league.  We also place our uniform order by 11/1 to keep the uniform costs as low as possible

by posted 09/30/2015
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2016 Purple Sox

2016 purple sock design. NOT a uniform item. Not required to buy.

Anyone who may be interested in a coaching position for the upcoming 2015 spring lacrosse season can submit an inquiry to  All potential coaches or volunteers will need to be CORI cleared before being considered for a positions.