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Welcome to the Bandits Youth Lacrosse website.  We are an organization that believes youth sports should focus on developing young players to be the best that he or she can be.  We focus on developing a player's skill, sportsmanship, teamwork and love of the game.  We, the coaches, will never berate an athlete or another coach or referee.  We expect the same kind of attitude and behavior from our players.  We play hard but we play clean and with respect for those around us.  We hope your young athlete will consider joining us.  We promise to teach your child what he/she needs to know in order to play this game competitively.  We also promise to provide an environment which is positive and encouraging to help your child play the best that he/she is capable of playing.

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Spree Day Q and A
Spree Day questions: Q: When is Spree Day? A: If that is really...
This Week in Bandits lacrosse
Bandit Families, Please look for updates this week related to: Practices...
Jamboree registration is open
Bandits I reminded you yesterday that Spree Day is next Thursday....
Spree Day!!!! 1 week from today!
Bandits families and friends, Hard to believe but there are two...
Mid-season and new sponsor announced
Good morning Bandits families We are half way through our season. ...
Registration opens 10/1 for returning players!!!
Q: When is lacrosse season? A: We start practice in March when...
Spree Day Q and A

Spree Day questions:

Q: When is Spree Day?

A: If that is really your question you aren’t reading the emails, so you aren’t reading this one either! (Tomorrow, Thursday May 26th)


Q: What do I bring?

A: Please WEAR your Bandits game pinnie and bring a stick. You can bring extra money for raffles or additional food?


Q: Why my game pinnie?

A: We will provide all Bandits players with two tickets, one for a meal from the food truck and one raffle ticket to use on any of the 30 raffle items. Non-Bandits players will get one ticket only to use for the raffle, they can purchase food at the truck if they desire.


Q: Raffle items, what raffle items?

A: We have several Bandits T shirts to raffle off, not the ones we have been selling, a book on the roots and history of lacrosse, DVD of Crooked Arrows (lacrosse movie), 1 boys lacrosse stick and 1 girls lacrosse stick. Each player will get one raffle ticket, you can purchase extras to increase you odds of winning!


Q: Do you have any non-lacrosse items to raffle off?

A: I am confused by this question, why would I…….wait…..yes there is a gift basket that is made up from a series of donations.  The basket has over $200 worth of donated items.  Raffle tickets will be $5 each or 3 for $10. ( I will try to attach a flier, maybe have to go to the web page to see it)


Q: Can my player bring a friend? Or is this just a big fundraiser?

A: Spree Day is just a fun event designed to be a recruiting event, not a fundraiser. We allow players to bring friends to try to introduce them to lacrosse.  The event is NOT a fundraiser;  we expect to lose money every year.  We are lucky if we break even on the raffle items. 


Q: You mentioned food truck?

A: Yes, we will give each Bandits player (that’s why the pinnie) a ticket good for one free meal at the food truck.  Non Bandits and adults can purchase on for $4.  The vendor has raised his prices and limited our offering, so each player can get a hot dog, chips and water.  There are other times you can buy from the truck directly.


Q: Where? What time? And what are “lacrosse activities”?

A: We are at Lemansky field; we plan to start at 5:30.  We break the kids into groups my age (U9s, U11s and so forth and gender).  We have several stations planned, fastest shot, shooting accuracy, longest throw, obstacle course, and a few other ones as we have time and space to create them.


Q: What happens if I don’t win a raffle?

A: We will have a table set up selling several Bandits items, starting as low as $6.  Car magnets, sox, T shirts and hats, so everyone can go home a winner!


Q: What can I do to help?

A: We have a handful of adult volunteers already assigned, but I am sure they could use help.  Coaches have been tricked into running a station, so you can find your players coach see if they need an extra body or two to keep things organized.  You can talk to your players coach about how rewarding it is to volunteer in the Bandits organization and the process it takes to become an assistant or head coach.  The BIGGEST thing you can do to help, show up on time.  We break kids into groups by age, and if the group is too big it causes a backup at each station, so if there are a lot of kids we may break each age group into 2 or even 3 groups.


Q: What happens if my player has practice on Thursday?

A: All coaches have canceled Thursday practice this week, but if you like we can make your player do a  few laps to wear him out, but tomorrow is going to be “summer hot”!

by posted 05/25/2016
This Week in Bandits lacrosse

Bandit Families,

Please look for updates this week related to:

Practices this week.  Many coaches are canceling or altering practice times and so forth due to memorial services, vigils and Spree Day.  Check your players team page.  As of now, I know U15 girls and U13 girls have canceled Wednesday practice to allow players to get to Spree Day on Thursday.  U15 Boys are going to end practice Wednesday at 6:30 to allow players and families attending the candle light vigil across from the police station a chance to get there.

Spree Day is Thursday. There is a LOT of work involved in this annual event.  It is a fun night for all the kids.  We have lacrosse based activities.  We encourage the kids to bring a friend who might be interested in lacrosse to come "meet" the Bandits.  For the players that want to stand around and talk and socialize with their teammates, THIS IS THE NIGHT!  5:30 at Lemanksy field.  will go to about 7PM, maybe longer depending on how big the group is.

MBYLL and MGYLL have no scheduled games this weekend.  There are 2 players from each u11, U13 and U15 boys teams that were nominated by their coaches or teammates to represent the Bandits in the annual "Keeper of lacrosse" game.  The games will be held at Sheppard Hill starting at 5PM for U11s, 6:30 for U13s and 8 for U15's.  Come team your teammates on!

Jamboree Registration is open.  We will have a wait list at U13 and U15 boys, but all other teams should register also, so we have an easy way for the coaches to communicate the details to the kids signed up.  If you signed up for the Jamboree there WILL BE practice the week of 6/6-6/11.  If you do not plan to make those practices, please let someone else take your slot for the weekend games.

We are sending one team from U15 boys, U13 boys, U11 boys, U9 boys, and U15 girls only.


Any questions please reach out to your team coaches.  Questions on Spree Day I can field for you.

Coach Crowley



by posted 05/24/2016
Jamboree registration is open


I reminded you yesterday that Spree Day is next Thursday.  It is the funnest event we host as an organization.  The second funnest event is the Jamboree.

We are submitting teams for the boys U9, U11, U13 and U15 and U15 girls.

Links with details:


We traditionally submit one team per age group, last season was the first season where we had players that wanted to attend that we did have room for.  At the U15 boys we may have enough players this year, the U13 boys we likely wouldn't have enough for two teams.  The challenge is we do not even know for until 5/26 what day we play, and until June 3rd what time we play.

It cost $1300 to submit the teams we did submit, there isn't the room in the budget to spend $2000 on Jamboree teams.  I hope all the kids available and interested DO get a chance to play. If there is a waitlist PLEASE SIGN UP, we always have kids that get hurt, have something come up, or just plain forget.


Our season ends 6/5, players going to the Jamboree will be expected to practice the week or weeks leading up to the Jamboree. We might play weekend of 6/11-6/12 or might be 6/18-6/19.  U 15 girls we know will be 6/11 in the afternoon.


Registration opened this morning, I see we already have a few kids signed up based on mentioning to the boys at practice.  Please register your player today!





by posted 05/20/2016
Spree Day!!!! 1 week from today!

Bandits families and friends,

Hard to believe but there are two game weeks left in the season!  We have our annual "Spree Day" on Thursday 5/26 at Lemansky field.  Plan to start around 5:30.


We have so many new families I want to make sure you are aware of this event, and the fact that you do NOT want to miss it!  We  have had this event for the last 4-5 years, and the kids all have a blast.  We have a bunch of lacrosse based stations/activities.  We encourage the kids to bring a friend or two to introduce them lacrosse/the Bandits.  It is both a fun social event for the players, and a recruiting event for the program.


We have a group of parent volunteers who have been working hard on more raffles items.  With their help and other donations we have over 30 times to raffle off this year, so there will be more prizes than even last year!

We put a lot of work and money into this event so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, arrange your schedule to allow your play and friends to join us.

by posted 05/19/2016
Mid-season and new sponsor announced

Good morning Bandits families

We are half way through our season.  We have some exciting upcoming events and news to share.

First the good news, as many of you may have already noticed we have a new sponsor this year.  Kids Zone Dental in Oxford, MA.  They already donated water bottles we handed out to the kids earlier in the season, and made an additional donation that allowed us to purchase additional nets for the season.

Please check them out at:

You will find them listed on our sponsor page as well as notice their banner in the top of the web page.  Please take the time to click on their link from our web site.

Thank you to the Kids Zone Dental partners for reaching out to the Bandits!


Additional information, Please watch the web site for details related to:

  1. Spree Day, one of our season ending fun events for Bandits players and their friends, scheduled 5/26, rain date 6/2
  2. “Keeper of Lacrosse game” for nominated boys on U11, U13 and U15 teams.  5/28 at Shepard Hill
  3. Jamborees: Boys either June 11th, 12th or 18th.  U9 Boys on June 19th.
  4. Girls Jamboree, if we get enough interest on 6/11 or 6/12.
  5. Bandits Alumni game. For the past 4 seasons we have had former Bandits players come back and play a pickup game.  We need to wait until the high school playoff schedule is set before we can set the date

by posted 05/07/2016
Registration opens 10/1 for returning players!!!

Q: When is lacrosse season?

A: We start practice in March when the fields are released; games are played on Sundays from April through Mid-June. (Same season as baseball and softball)


Q: When does registration open?

A: We open registration to returning players on 10/1, new players 10/15


Q: I am having trouble with the registration

A: In the registration process you are required to go to US Lacrosse and create and pay for a membership, and then it will bring you back to the Bandits web site.  There is often on issue doing so on IOS based devices (iPads, iPhones)


Q: How often do you practice?

A: U11 and above practice two days a week and play on Sundays

A: U9s practice one day a week (last two years on Saturday mornings), they also play on Sunday.


Q: How much does it cost for the season?

A: in 2016 the rate will go up for the first time in 6 years, it will be $145 for U11 and above, $95 for U9. That cost includes uniforms.


Q: Where do the Bandits practice?

A: Over the past several seasons we have used Lemansky and the (old) Middle School for practice and games


Q: What equipment do I need?

A: Boys need a lacrosse helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves and a lacrosse stick. You can find starter packages for around $150-$200

A: Girls need goggles, mouthpiece and lacrosse stick (girls have different sticks than boys)


Q: What towns can play for the Bandits?

A: The Bandits represent both Worcester and Auburn, but we allow players from surrounding towns that do not have their own lacrosse program.


Q: What league do the Bandits play in?

A: The Bandits play in the MBYLL and MGYLL, “town lacrosse”, there are programs all over Massachusetts that are part of the MBYLL.


Q: Who runs and coaches the Bandits?

A: The bandits are a nonprofit all volunteer organization.  We have volunteers that run the program as part of our Board.  The coaches are all parent volunteers like you.  Most have never played lacrosse.


Q: If your coaches didn’t grow up playing how do they learn to coach?

A: The MBYLL/MGYLL and US Lacrosse sponsor a coach training program, there are required on line training and in person trainings.  There are experienced coaches in the program always willing to help out or answer any questions you have.


Q: What do you pay coaches or do they get discounts on signing up their children?

A: We do not pay coaches and they still are required to pay for their children to play.  We do reimburse coaches for the expenses incurred for training classes and certification


Q: If is a spring sport why do we register in the fall?

A: We are required to submit how many teams at each age group we will have by 12/31 to the league.  We also place our uniform order by 11/1 to keep the uniform costs as low as possible

by posted 09/30/2015
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2016 Black Sox

2016 black sock design. NOT a uniform item. Not required to buy.

Anyone who may be interested in a coaching position for the upcoming 2015 spring lacrosse season can submit an inquiry to  All potential coaches or volunteers will need to be CORI cleared before being considered for a positions.